A call for those interested in Digital Soil Mapping

We currently have 50 members of the working group which is composed of a Coordinating committee, a Science and Technology team and a general membership. We continue to network with colleagues across the country to build the working group. A listing of current members is given on our members section below.

We've identified our first challenge

In September 2016 Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada received a request from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s Global Soil Partnership to contribute to a new global initiative to create a global soil organic carbon map at 1 km2 resolution (more info). The Science and Technology team has agreed to take this on as our first product development project.

Global Soil Partnership Logo

The Science and Technology team will be identifying a series of tasks that we need to be undertaken and we will be soliciting working group members to contribute where they can. That call for volunteers will come shortly.

Digital soil Mapping workshop, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

Alex McBratney, Brendan Malone and Budiman Minasny of the University of Sydney, Australia delivered a 4 day workshop at the downtown SFU campus in Vancouver, January 30 to Feb 2, 2017. The course was well attended with 25 members and students registered. An outline of the course is here. Files and documents from the course are still available. Contact Scott Smith to obtain the the ftp coordinates. The course was taught mainly from their book Using R for Digital Soil Mapping which is available from Springer Books.

 Digital Soil Mapping Workshop